Burning Scars

I’d forgotten how it felt,

That gentle caress of your lips,

Brushing against my soul.

Those shy, sideward glances in crowded rooms,

As you touched me with the whispers of promises 

To hold me in your heart in this lifetime,

And many more to come. 

The dreams you weaved for the two of us,

As we lay in one another’s arms through rainy nights.

To wake with my breath mingled with yours,

Fingers entwined, frightened to let go,

Ecstatic sensations, our skins touched ever so slightly,

Nights When you desired me so.

The mind slowly ceases 

to recall the beauty of those days,

When a second apart was too much to bear. 

Where that emptiness arose in our life,

I fail to know, 

how you drifted from my life and ceased to care.

You declared a love for me so strong,

Yet you choose now to live so far away.

No room is left in your crowded heart

As others have made a home there today,

So here I stand alone yearning from afar. 

With memories of a love so true,

that has cruelly welded a burning scar 

with a broken bridge left between me and you.

Published by Sangeeta Kathuria

I live in two worlds. One is the real hard hitting plane of existence where I work two jobs, am a mum to two wonderful sons, am a wife to a loving husband and where life works like a clockwork, on the best of days. The other world is my imaginary world where I live with characters I create, stories I bring alive and wonderful places which I have never seen but dream of having been to. Never the twain shall meet. Thats me. I love to write and whether Im good or not, I just want it to be as natural as I breathe. This blog is a collection of some of the feeling, thoughts, and happenings around me that stir emotions in my soul and capture the interest of my heart. I hope my writing captures that same interests through my readers.

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