Me In a nutshell

From the moment I came into this world, my parents tell me I was quite a character. I mean, I wouldn’t stop crying for a hell of a long time to begin with. I’m sure I drove them both up the wall. I literally yanked  all the tubes from my mouth in anger when I was a few days old so my temper shone through in my early days.  Dad now tells me that perhaps I was crying through remembering the turmoil of my past life.  Mum tells me I was probably just an attention seeker.  The consultant at the hospital simply labelled me a miserable child!

Over the years, the crying may have stopped, but the inner force remains. I remain to this day someone who will make sure she is heard, especially if the concern is of importance.   I’m a totally crazy child like individual and my son will vouch for that fact.  I’m his “squidgy plum” who he loves to pieces, sometimes an embarrassment when I go OTT but overall, I take pride in being the first pure love in his life. My other boy is still teaching me my ways in life. I thought I had perfected the role as a mother but he taught me otherwise when he came along 3 years ago, and showed me all the things I had been doing wrong. Thanks darling bitty for showing me the way again.  My husband thinks I’m the most unbalanced person he knows, “everything just runs hot and cold with you” he will moan.  If I love then I will love with the most innermost feelings and if I hate then God forbid the target of that emotion.  If I work, then I can go on days on end non stop until I run out of steam and if I’m a lazy slob, then I need a crane to get me out of bed.

 So what else can I say “about me”…Or more importantly what can I tell you that you would want to hear.

I have an infectious laughter, but some might call it somewhat irritating and totally unfeminine but it comes from the heart and theres no better place for a laugh to come from!  I love my home and family, it could be said that I’m totally devoted to both.  I like to dabble in a bit of writing if given the time, hence this blog.  I’m married to two entities, my hubby and my work… not always in that order…but am always there if someone needs me and hubby doesn’t mind competing with my work.  My favourite colour is black but I like to think my life has more colours brought in from my loved ones.  I am an absolute romantic and will not deny shedding a tear or two when watching emotional drama on the screen… Books are a passion and I will always have one on my possession just in case.  My other two passions are music and fabulous cars; it is a necessity to have music playing in my car for me to focus on my driving – wow what a euphoric combination.  Food is my biggest comfort, especially Hagen daz ice cream and if its cookies and cream, well you will have a best friend in me forever if you walked to my door with a tub! I believe in working damn hard to earn my rewards but am blessed anyway with the most wonderful family possible. I’m moody, cranky, loving, spontaneous, temperamental, independent, hard to please but easy to love all the same.  My family will sum me up in one word – reliable!

My dream date would be  with my husband because no one else is able to understand me! My sons are my soul. Both impress my heart in different ways and Im so in love with them as a mother ought to be. 


My ambition is fiery and I usually get what I want.. provided I really really want it…… All in all I’m not really a bad person once you get to know me. It just takes a little bit longer to make it through to my heart but once there, you will have a tough time trying to get out. Oh yeah, I still sleep with my cuddly Hello Kitty but Sssshhh, we’ll keep that a secret shall we?

My blog is simply a platform for my expressions for the world to see… a blank canvas on which I hope to paint all the colours of my life.  Some will be dark and low whilst other colours will be bright and full of joy.  All depends on the mood I’m in.  But I would love my friends and family to join me on this emotional roller coaster and laugh and cry with me along this journey that we all call LIFE!!!

2 thoughts on “Me In a nutshell

  1. Very well written Sangi. From the first line till the last, you captured my interest in getting to know you of what I did not in Les Roches. Keep up the good work and would love to follow you on here. Good luck & take care 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Neetee for ur kind words. Gosh, we’ve all come such a long way from then. I guess maturity has put many things to rest. Hope you continue to read and be constructive with any criticisms 🙂


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